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    Novitech IP is a firm of French and European Patent Attorneys specializing in the field of patents.


    We assist and advise our clients to best meet their strategic needs in terms of valuing their innovations and their positioning vis-à-vis their competitors.


    We work for major industrial groups, small and medium-sized businesses, both European and extra-European, as well as public research organizations.


    • Dialogue with each of our clients, to understand your specific needs for the protection and promotion of innovation.
    • Flexibility, to provide you with a satisfactory service to your specific needs.
    • Reactivity, time management is a critical parameter in particular for the protection of innovation.
    • Cost control, to provide services at a controlled and predictable cost.

    Novitech IP has recognized expertise in European and French patent law as well as in specific provisions of international patent applications.


    We also participate in the European Qualification Exam preparation training organization.


    Novitech can represent you for French and European patent procedures as well as for international patent applications.


    In order to better assist and advise you, we have a network of foreign Agents (lawyers and/or Patent attorneys) around the world.


    This network of foreign Agents allows us not only to represent you before foreign patent offices around the world, but also to provide legal advice on patents in foreign countries.



    Novitech IP realizes all its expertise in both French and English and may dialogue with you in both languages.


    In particular, the acquisition, securities management and legal consultations may be conducted in either French or English.


    Our ability to communicate in French and English allows us great flexibility in our communication with you, the patent offices and also with our foreign Agents.



    188 grande rue Charles de Gaulle
    94130 Nogent sur Marne
    00 1 48 710 007
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